Originally brought on site for 3 hour consultation to reorganize and expand the vegetable growing areas as part of a Wild Horse Mountain Ranch raffle fundraiser, The Figure Ground Studio ended up providing complete design services for the re-imagining of this spectacular rural farmstead landscape.

The overall scale of the space was reduced by providing paths where there was otherwise just open expanse of lawn. Paths interweave between grass and perennial butterfly/bee gardens, providing intrigue and opportunity to interact more intimately with the natural environment. By surrounding the reduced lawn, a garden “room” is created in center of the landscape.


Inspired by the Dutch Wave New Perrenial style, the garden provides “bold drifts of herbaceous perennials and grasses” at this hillside farmstead.

Ecological benefits of this garden include a reduction of the portion of landscape devoted to lawn – replacing it with perennial and grasses which provide pollen and nectar for native pollinators. In addition, the expanded and reconfigured vegetable garden increases vegetable food capacity for the clients’ family.

The importance of providing opportunities for children and adults to engage with the land outside of their home cannot be overemphasized. This project is client-installed and maintained.