Tasked to create storefront improvement designs for various businesses in downtown Molalla, The Figure Ground Studio, in collaboration with David Berniker Urban Design and Planning, instead created an overall vision for the 100% corner in downtown Molalla, complete with farmers market, improved storefronts, and pedestrian improvements, while maintaining historic character and integrity.

Existing contrubuting buildings along Main Street and the surrounding corridors were created in 3d digital models, and proposed improvements were targeted to provide maximum benifit for lowerst cost and disruption.


Streetscape Plan Opportunities along the proposed sections of Main Street and Molalla Ave. are as follows:

  • Enhance the streetscape on Main Street and Molalla Avenue, particularly between the gateway elements
  • Emphasize and improve the 100% corner in terms of pedestrian amenities and commercial uses
  • Promote storefront improvement program to improve and accentuate the unique quality of existing buildings in the Downtown Core
  • Improve wayfinding and directional signage
  • Consider instituting architectural design standards or guidelines to ensure a high-quality pedestrian experience and architectural character
    • Cohesive Architectural Elements
    • Pedestrian-Oriented Ground Floors
    • Unified Building Design
    • Vibrant Gathering Spaces
    • Reinforce the Corner with gateway elements