The Figure Ground Studio began working on this project in 2015, and it has been an evolving landscape ever since. In 2015, there was an existing house surrounded by acres of lawn. TFG worked with the clients to create gardens that nestled the house and replaced some of the lawn with pollinator gardens.

The plantings provide beauty and interest in all seasons. The plants provide nectar, pollen, seeds, and habitat for pollinators, birds, and critters. The garden buzzes with bees, butterflies, moths and birds during the growing season. The plantings are mostly comprised of native or cultivars of native plants.

These photos capture the Fall landscape when grasses are in bloom and the garden is bursting. Fall is one of the most romantic times in a garden, when many of the plants are waning and the life force of these herbaceous plants is being sent back down to their roots to be used for next year’s growth.

Before/After at column gate
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Photos by Pamela R. Cook.
Installation by Organic Matters.